Natural Dyeing and Meditation with Plants

I offer natural dyeing workshops with a focus on experiencing and exploring personal relationships with plants. With my background as a visual artist in working with textiles and my training as a Qi Gong practitioner and teacher I try to create an atmosphere for embodied learning and want to offer a space to dive into the idea of interconnectedness.

My approach is holistic, process-oriented and interested in finding ways on how to get closer to one’s own imagination. My workshops can be very individualistic, depending on what the group wants to get out of it and in which setting we will be working.
This means it can go from mainly inner work with meditations, observing plants and quietly letting the dye pots simmer to a more labor intensive, hands on workshop with fun methods like bundle dyeing and ecoprinting.

I can also offer courses over a longer period of time where a more deeper interaction with the methods of plant dyeing is possible. If you are interested, just contact me via e-mail ( We then can discuss what exactly you are looking for and what kind of setting suits you the best.

I am looking forward to your requests!