A FOREST B(L)ANK(QU)ET – an experiential exhibition
TUO TUO ARTS, Joutsa, Finland – Artist in Residence July & August 2021

                                                                                     ©Daisy Crane

The finnish expression metsänpeitto (forest blanket) describes a feeling whilst being completely covered by the forest, you will loose track of time and place and eventually your sense of orientation, getting lost in the forest.
It can be understood as a story of warning, not to get too distracted, staying on the path, or the story can be approached in a different way, where forgetting about yourself can be something what is welcomed, in order to be enchanted by the forest, getting closer to its secrets. Based on that story, I created my own ‚Forest Blanket‘ in the form of textile objects, made out of naturally dyed yarns and fabrics, dyed with plant pigments I found here during my stay as an Artist in Residence at tuotuoarts. It functions as a correspondence with the forests I encountered here.

In collaboration with Kaitlyn Hamilton, the director of tuotuoarts I initiated an evening where the idea of the forest blanket was expressed through a dinner, a banquet. Foraged ingredients from the forest could be found in 9 courses which we served to the guests.
Each course was connected to a feeling, a state of being, when in a forest:

a warm goodbye

The center of the table built the birch tree transformed into three dyebaths, made from different parts of the tree: the leaves, the bark and a mushroom growing on the stem of a fallen birch tree.
As part of the experience, being immersed by the forest and its wonders, guest could dip small pieces of fabric into the dyeing pots whilst exploring the forest blanket, loosing track of time.

KULM – Das Wesen Pflanze in der Zukunft / the creature plant in the future – Artist in Residence June 2021, Pischelsdorf, Austria


IN THE FAMILY OF THINGS – window exhibition at FUER DEN FUCHS, an exhibition project initiated by Matthias Ramsey, Emma Kling and Lorenz Kunath
April 2021, Vienna

     © Lorenz Kunath

BETWEEN THE PETALSgroup exhibition with the artists Olivia Kaiser and Carla Rihl at Kunstraum Feller Vienna
December 2020 – February 2021

                                           © Aslan Kudrnofsky

DIEPIMENTAS servieren – experiential exhibition with Lisa Becker, Twan Geissberger and Lucia Quiqueran at wasserwasser Vienna
June 2018

                                                                                © Lorenz Kunath

DIPLOMA EXHIBITION: IN MID – AIR  at Alpenmilchzentrale Vienna
January 2018

                © Julian Haas