site specific installation
at GoctaLab, Peru, 2022
as part of the koyne circuit programme




group exhibition with Daniela Brill Estrada, Simon Goritschnig, Tobias Klingler, Monica C. LoCascio, Marthin Rozo
at minuszwei, Vienna, Austria, 2022


artist book release and exhibition
at wasserwasser, Vienna, Austria, 2022


The artist book COCOON visually researches embodied spaces which are inherent in the movement of traveling. The project started in 2019 when I traveled from Europe to Asia by train, passing several countries and landscapes. Among them were Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Mongolia, China, Taiwan and Japan.
The original drawings and collages evolved during this time and are dealing with the question, which aspects of experienced space are important to create an atmosphere of traveling.
I understand the practice of drawing as an opportunity for action to relate to a certain place, getting familiar with a location. It is my way of getting closer to the nature of how personal experienced space might become visible.
Referring to Ulises Carrión’s Essay „What A Book Is“ – „A book is a sequence of spaces. Each of these spaces is perceived at a different moment - a book is also a sequence of moments.“ – I understand traveling as a sequence of encountered atmospheres. All together, these atmospheres build a space on their own, consisting of different modes of consciousness: the perception of the close surroundings of one’s own body, the space how it occurs in your thoughts, and how the places manifest in your memory.
The decision to transfer the drawings into a book, was a way to give them the possibility to find another space, where they can develop further, making new connections out of context, away from their original location. Being with a book, diving into the rhythm and visual appearance of it, has a transformative character – like a cocoon, filled with new thoughts and associations, a potential space, shifting.
The book functions as a collage: the reader should be able to jump through the book, without any given direction. Transparent papers, overlapping images, texts, translations of the original material through scans and photocopies are creating a dense space of experience.  


© Aslan Kudrnofsky

an experiential exhibition

at TUO TUO ARTS, Joutsa, Finland
Artist in Residence July & August 2021

                                        ©Daisy Crane


The finnish expression metsänpeitto (forest blanket) describes a feeling whilst being completely covered by the forest, you will loose track of time and place and eventually your sense of orientation, getting lost in the forest.
It can be understood as a story of warning, not to get too distracted, staying on the path, or the story can be approached in a different way, where forgetting about yourself can be something what is welcomed, in order to be enchanted by the forest, getting closer to its secrets. Based on that story, I created my own ‚Forest Blanket‘ in the form of textile objects, made out of naturally dyed yarns and fabrics, dyed with plant pigments I found here during my stay as an Artist in Residence at tuotuoarts. It functions as a correspondence with the forests I encountered here.

In collaboration with Kaitlyn Hamilton, the director of tuotuoarts I initiated an evening where the idea of the forest blanket was expressed through a dinner, a banquet. Foraged ingredients from the forest could be found in 9 courses which we served to the guests.
Each course was connected to a feeling, a state of being, when in a forest:

a warm goodbye

The center of the table built the birch tree transformed into three dyebaths, made from different parts of the tree: the leaves, the bark and a mushroom growing on the stem of a fallen birch tree.
As part of the experience, being immersed by the forest and its wonders, guest could dip small pieces of fabric into the dyeing pots whilst exploring the forest blanket, loosing track of time.

group exhibition
with Olivia Kaiser and Carla Rihl

at Kunstraum Feller Vienna

December 2020 – February 2021

                                                                                                    © Aslan Kudrnofsky

experiential exhibition

with Lisa Becker, Twan Geissberger and Lucia Quiqueran
at wasserwasser Vienna
June 2018

                                                                                                                                                                                                       © Lorenz Kunath

at Alpenmilchzentrale Vienna

 January 2018


                                                                                      © Julian Haas