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My artistic process allows me to work with various media like painting, drawing, dyeing textiles, installations, making books, food and sometimes film.
In my work I visually research the concepts of atmosphere, relational space, ambience and the felt sense and use the term collage as a connection for all juxtaposing methods I am practicing of bringing shapes and materials of different origins together.

When I'm painting I relate to the idea of metamorphosis and the experience of an ambivalent gap between myself and the painting which I explore with the substance paint in its various states. I am interested in the visual exploration of movements and patterns I find in my own thinking and body as well as movements I observe in vegetal beings, like the growing and behaving of plants. My inspiration draws from plant imagery from the late middle ages in Europe, Chinese ink drawings, textile designs from the early 20th Century (Wiener Werkstätte), the understanding of landscape in Chinese thinking tradition and from my personal experiences I have with landscapes.

Whereas my textile installations I understand more as a correspondence with a specific location and the experiential transformation of a site. Working with textiles gives me the opportunity to develop ideas I find in the paintings into a more large scale environment, a direct interaction with space.

With all my work I aim to define intimate spaces, which invite curiosity and imagination to thrive. Preparing this framework guides my concentration to inner places that incite both excitement and calm. These are places that allow me to be still and have the opportunity to listen, while also instilling in me an eagerness to take action. My relationship to the work changes many times. I have to disengage from it in order to expose myself to it. It is only within this dialogue of vulnerability that the work reveals new paths and narrations.


Dunja Krcek
based in Vienna


2018 diploma in painting (supervised by Prof. Judith Eisler)
2016 guest semester site specific art (Prof. Paul Petritsch)
2012-2018 University of Applied Arts Vienna painting and experimental film (Prof. Judith Eisler)
2011/2012: cultural and social anthropology (University of Vienna)


2023 leerstoff | group exhibition | Eisenbergerfarbrik, Gmünd
2023 Observatorium | koyne circuit group exhibition | Instituto Iberoamericano de Finlandia, Madrid, Spain
2023 Rivulets | Engi, Isafjördur | Iceland

2023 Observatorium | koyne circuit group exhibition | Maatila projectspace | Helsinki
2022 fanzineist Vienna | online exhibition and book fair
2022 With-in Soil | minus offspace | Vienna
2022 Parallel Editions with KAH | Vienna
2022 London Art Fair with KAH | London
2022 Bookrelease COCOON – wasserwasser | Vienna
2021 Das Wesen Pflanze in der Zukunft – Kulturverein kulm | Pischelsdorf
2021 FOREST B(L)AN(K)QUET – Tuotuoarts | Joutsa, Finland
2021 Für den Fuchs – solo exhibition at Kolingasse | Vienna
2021 Between the Petals – Kunstraum Feller | Vienna
2020 SIAF – art fair | Salzburg
2020 Verspielte Zeit – Kirchberg am Wagram
2019 parallel – Vienna
2019 unfinished sympathy – Wildgarten | Vienna
2019 My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts – solo exhibition | wasserwasser | Vienna
2018 vOr Ort – symposium living rooms | Niederschrems
2018 DIEPIMENTAS servieren – wasserwasser | Vienna
2018 Die Frucht isst ihr Fett – Kunstraum Wien Mitte | Vienna
2018 Die Ahnung eines größeren Gefühls – Funkhaus | Vienna
2018 On a sunwarmed hiding spot – solo exhibition | wasserwasser | Vienna
2018 IN MID-AIR – solo exhibition |  Alpenmilchzentrale | Vienna
2017 Essence – Dominikanerbastei | Vienna
2016 es erzählt – Ausstellungsraum Paulusplatz 5 | Vienna
2016 Essence – Dominikanerbastei | Vienna
2016 Neue Kunst in alten Mauern – Schloss Spielfeld
2016 schier/heiter – Heiligenkreuzerhof | Vienna
2015 Essence – Künstlerhaus | Vienna
2015 Black and White Festival – Porto | Portugal
2015 Under the Radar Film Festival – Top Kino | Vienna
2014 Riches and Realities – Innsbruck | Austria


2023 ArtsIceland (Isafjördur, Iceland)
2022 koyne circuit ( GoctaLab, Cocachimba, Peru)
2021 Tuotuoarts (Joutsa, Finland)
2021 Kulturverein kulm (Pischelsdorf, Austria)
2018 Brashnar residency (Skopje, Macedonia)


2022 off image (contribution)
2021 artist book COCOON (self published)
2021 sicc zine (contribution)

interviews and reviews

http://crossingthedissour.ie/wp/portfolio/interview-with-dunja-krcek/ (by Ryan Mihaly)